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Let's learn together.

One of the things that I love most about music is its lineage. In our technology age, there are few things left that are passed down through the spoken word, and musical study is one of those things. There is so much that music can teach us: confidence, empathy, organization, communication, creativity, skills that have served me well in my life not just as a musician but as a human being.

It has been a joy to build a thriving studio over the past year. While I'm just starting on my teaching journey, I draw upon 23 years of world-class instruction, and I have already had a student place in the Tennessee Mid-State Orchestra. I’m not merely interested in developing great musicians; I want to develop resilient, kind individuals who are ready for whatever life throws at them. That is why I teach.

I offer in-home and online lessons. The introductory lesson is always free. If you've ever thought about embarking on your own musical journey, don't hesitate to reach out.

Teaching: Welcome
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